What’s this?
Dear Bugman,
What is this pretty thing? He and his buddies spend every summer decimating my Virginia creeper vines, and I spend the summer relocating them to wild grapevines. I’d love to know what he is, and what he becomes. By the way, I LOVE your website – this is the first time I’ve ever spent more than a few minutes prowling around a website! It’s absolutely great.

Hi Patricia,
Your Pandora Sphinx, Eumorpha pandorus, will do considerably more growing before pupating underground and emerging as a lovely olive and pale green moth with pink and lavendar markings. Use our search engine to locate pages with additional photos of caterpillars and adult moths.

Dear Daniel, Thanks for the quick answer! The Pandora Sphinx moth on your website is quite lovely, and I’m pleased to know that they’ve been happy with the wild grapevines. Also, my husband and I were thrilled to read that you and your group live peacefully with the black widow spiders; we’ve always tried to do that, too, although everyone else seems to think we’re nuts. Three cheers for you and your fantastic web site! Patricia

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