Bug Love
Hey bugman! Long time reader, first time contributor here. I just recently became obsessed with entymology and now carry my camera with me everywhere hoping for a photo op. While I was in the butterfly garden at Boston Science Museum today, I found these two beautiful specimen going about their private business. Thought you might like it for the bug love page. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work! p.s. Sorry my camera is so bad, trying to get a better one for future endeavors.

Hi Jeff,
We hare so happy to hear you have been enjoying our site for a long time. We cannot give you an exact species name on these tropical Heliconians, just the Subfamily Heliconiinae.

(09/03/2005) I’ve spent the past two summers volunteering at the Hershey Butterfly House. The two orange, mating heliconians are Banded Oranges and they are native to Texas. ~Abby

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