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Hi… I JUST this minute heard your website on a talk radio home improvement show…I just had to check it out. I love bugs……. And know little about many of them. But I had a blast the other day taking pictures of bugs ‘doin’ it’… amazing I actually have a place that someone will enjoy seeing them! I’m not sure where to attach the photo’s, so I will do so here. …. Looking forward to checking more of your site soon! If you could name them all for me, I’d appreciate it. I am guessing the red colored bugs are soldier beetles? And of course, dragon flies…the single big one is beautiful…what kind is it?
Sherrie Gerber

Hi Sherrie,
Out of curiosity, was it a local station and where? I shudder to think what might happen to our mailbox if it was a syndicated show. We will address your photos one at a time. Your mating beetles are Soldier Beetles in the Family Cantharidae, but we even checked with Eric Eaton and we can’t positively identify the species.

I can understand your shudder thought! No fear, tho…. I live in Seattle, Washington, and this was a LOCAL home improvement show that is on Saturday mornings from 9-10am with Tim Lawless. (I record them to tape, to listen to while I am in the garden during the week, therefore the JUST heard it response.) Some lady was inquiring as to something that may be eating near her house (I missed part of the story), and Lawless said he was surfing the web and found ‘a cool site’ (yours), and he stumbled as to whether you were a .net or .com…. Me, being the avid plant lover and bug extraordinaire, ran indoors to the computer to flag it before I forgot your web name… So if it was going to bombard you, it would’ve on Saturday morning…. Ironically, a garden show – 3 hours long- immediately follows that show… thought that interesting to hear a garden report on a home show! 🙂 That being said, I won’t call in your web site to the garden show! 🙂 Thanks a bunch for the info…. I almost thought people would think me too weird if I had pictures of bugs doin’ it, but when my entire Euonymus shrub was covered in mating soldier beetles, it was too much to pass on. We got the dragon fly pictures just this past weekend in the San Juan Islands. Thousands upon thousands of them were hovering around one end of this beautiful lake…all bright turquoise. It was a sight to behold!
Thanks again,
Sherrie Gerber

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