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Hi… I JUST this minute heard your website on a talk radio home improvement show…I just had to check it out. I love bugs……. And know little about many of them. But I had a blast the other day taking pictures of bugs ‘doin’ it’… amazing I actually have a place that someone will enjoy seeing them! I’m not sure where to attach the photo’s, so I will do so here. …. Looking forward to checking more of your site soon! If you could name them all for me, I’d appreciate it. I am guessing the red colored bugs are soldier beetles? And of course, dragon flies…the single big one is beautiful…what kind is it?
Sherrie Gerber

Hi Sherrie,
We must confess that we find identifying the species of Damselflies to be a daunting task that we are not very good at. We do love the photo though.

Update: (02/24/2007)
Hi Lisa Anne and Daniel,
As Susan says, “I am no an expert but…” I think Sherrie had a pair of Northern Bluets (Enallagma annexum) there. They’ve got the right mix of blue and black on the abdomen, tapering black shoulder stripes and large eyespots. They’re also common in Washington. Of course, this is a bit late. The main characters died about eighteen months ago.

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