“Carnage” for your site
Hi there,
Thanks for your informative site, which I found when trying to ID an
insect shell we found on our fencepost. It was a Cicada, and your site was the best information I found on the web, leaving no question that I’d gotten the right answer. Then I was pulled into looking at all the photos and reading about all the bugs. Fascinating! Attached is a photo for your “Carnage” page, and it leads me to a question you may not be able to answer because it’s about a cat. We live in an old house and have always had an ample supply of House Centipedes in our basement. When we got a cat, our Centipede population dwindled remarkably. The thing is, though, the cat doesn’t just squash the Centipedes, and she doesn’t eat them. She pulls off their many, many legs and leaves the bodies and antennas behind! She’s incredibly neat about it, clearing all the legs (on the attached photo she happened to leave one behind, which is unusual) without marring the body or disconnecting the antennas. Is this typical cat behavior, or do we have a psycho-kitty on our hands? Should we sleep with one eye open?
Minneapolis, MN

Hi Tammy,
I was very off-put by your subject heading and have been avoiding opening your letter. I was pleasantly surprised that some bug hater hadn’t squashed some poor critter just to get the image posted online. We are not the best choice for advice on normal cat behavior since our own Mathilda is the most neurotic cat on the planet, and the little monster brought two mice into the house this week and bit off their heads.

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