I don’t know what this is…
Can you identify this bug? I have looked all over and still cannot find out what it is….this pic was taken in Bradenton, Fl. The bug was about an inch and a half long…and was reddish brown, with leaf like wings. Thanks, Kris

Hi Kris,
We checked with Eric Eaton because the wings seemed disproportionately small, though we thought it looked like a Tersa Sphinx, Xylophanes tersa. Eric confirmed this identification.

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  1. Linda-Lu says:

    My son found a Tersa Moth on a wood pile yesterday, a cooler day in Florida. The temp was dropping into the 40’s, so he brought it into the house in a large plastic drink cup. He tried to let it go today, but it wouldn’t leave the cup. It is back in the house tonight since it is cold again. It hasn’t eaten in two days (he did give it water). What plants do they eat? Where are they from originally?

    Thank you! Linda Lu

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