Wingless Bug that Flies with it’s legs.
Hi Bugman,
How are you? I am a new resident living in Georgia State, where there used to be farms out in the country. Over the weekend i found 2 strage bugs. One was at a relative’s home north of Lake Lanier, with info from your site i was able to find its name… the extremely bright red Velvet Ant. The other i found at my home, its a large 1.5 inch fuzzy grey mosquito body, with spider looking legs that had a section of it covered in a velvet. It was on a wall, when it spread its leg and jumped off, it could glide vertical, side ways as it pleased. I caught it, put it in a cup to take a pic then released it, and it just spred its legs at the top of the cup and flew motionless all the way over to my neighbours yard. Here is a pic enclosed. Thanks for the wonderful site with pics and info about all the beautiful and strange bugs :o)
Gwinnett, GA.

Hi Chad,
Your mystery insect is a Phantom Crane Fly, Bittacomorpha clavipes. Your are correct in that it flies with its legs. The swollen tarsi catch air currents. Your specimen has lost two legs. The coloration helps the insect to vanish in the shade, hence the name Phantom. It is usually found near moist woods and stream margins.

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