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I found this large grasshopper clinging to a plant in my driveway (in New Delhi, India). Your grasshopper page says you aren’t familiar with Asian insects, but I thought you might like the photograph nevertheless. I keep misremembering the name of your site as "" 🙂

Hi Abhijit,
Thanks for the photo. We will post it on our Grasshopper page without an identification.

Ed. Note: (11/16/2005)
This just in from Eric Eaton: “New Delhi grasshopper, 8/05/2005 is another bush locust in the Pyrgomorphidae family.”

Update (08/27/2006)
Poekilocerus pictus
I think I’ve got an answer to “New Delhi Grasshopper (08/05/2005)”: Poekilocerus pictus AKA Painted Grasshopper. This was just checking the Internet; found only one picture from a reliable source, but other good info as well: feeds on milkweed, making it poisonous. I’ve got it on photo too, from North India, will be online in a couple of weeks. Cheers, marco
Marco Bleeker, Amsterdam, NL.

Confirmation: (08/10/2007) grasshopper id
Hi I was going through your site on grasshoppers and i saw this photo of grasshopper posted by Abhijit from New Delhi. I know the species. Its called painted grasshopper – Poecilocera pictus .We get quite some colourful ones like that and can be seen most frequently on Calotropis plants as also on other selected Asclepedaceae plant species. Hope its of some help. cheers
Dr.Geetha Iyer. Ph.D
Kanyakumari dist., Tamil Nadu.

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  1. lithiumhead says:

    I had take a photo of these too:

    The best way to identify Indian insects is using this book:

    A Concise Field Guide to Indian Insects and Arachnids RELEASED!!! by Meenakshi Venkataraman


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