Hungry Dragonfly
Dear Bugman,
My brother noticed two large dragonflies zooming about his yard (in Hampden, Maine) attached to one another. He thought they were in the throes of love. When they landed in a bush he managed a closer look and found he was mistaken – it was a dining ritual as opposed to a courting ritual. Best Regards and Happy Bugging
Steve Cole

Hi Steve,
This is our second Dragonfly Cannibalism in a month. Nice green eyes there.

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One Response to More Dragonfly Cannibalism: Dragonhunter devours Darner

  1. RenaudB says:

    Good morning,

    The big hungry one is the apt named Dragonhunter (Hagenius brevistylus), for which other dragonflies as big as that unidentified Darner is just a snack.

    Renaud, Switzerland

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