What are these?
My ISP (Earthlink) sent me a few ‘links’ they thought were interesting and yours was included. The story goes like this; My wife and daughter recently went to Laredo, Texas for a visit and brought these ‘bugs’ home for me to see. My wife said, when her and her brothers were young, they would play with these. She said they would only come out after a rain. The photos I took are the best I could do since, they never seem to stay still long enough to focus. They move like I have seen ‘ticks’ move (never seeming to stay still and their covered with a kind of ‘felt’, furry, or tiny hairs which is hard to see in a photo. It’s my hope you’ll be able to I.D these and let me know what they are.
Thank you,

Hi Terry,
That Earthlink plug has really clogged our mailbox, and many people will be disappointed since we can only reply to a fraction of the letters. These are Velvet Mites known as Angelitos. They are predatory, live in desert areas, and emerge after rains.

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