can you identify these?
We have a farm in Northeastern Brazil . You would not believe the insects we have. I must have close to 150 pictures of insects I have found. Just this may, I encountered these two beautiful guys. Do you know what they are?
Tatiana Peebles

Hi Tatiana,
One of your photos is some species of Mantis that is unknown to us. The other is a Hemipteran, also species unknown to us. Thanks for the exotica.

Update: (06/08/2007)
Brazilian Mantis
Hi there! Really love your site, and was just reading through your mantis section. I think I might be able to help with the ID on the mantis in the photo under the title “Brazilian Mantis”. I keep a couple of species, and this one is very similar to one of mine. I believe the mantis in the photo is a Sybilla species, perhaps Sybilla dorsolosa. I raise Sybilla pretiosa at the moment. /mantid/view/65.html /mantid/view/77.html Hope there’s some useful info there! Thanks for the website!
Ed Taylor

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  1. Mantodea Perú says:

    The mantis of the picture is a female of Zoolea sp…

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