Virginia Ctenuchid

What’s this one? I love your site! I’ve been wondering if there was such a place to ask "what the heck is that" bug questions, and a friend just identified a hummingbird clearwing moth thanks to you…so I’m hoping you know what this bug is, too: I took this picture while camping in Ontario, and … Read more

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Louisiana swamp bug Hello, I was startled by the size of these when I saw them while vacationing in New Orleans this July. They were just sitting happily in the grass outside the ticket office where we took our Swamp Tour. I thought they must be some kind of grasshopper, but I’ve never seen anything … Read more

Spined Soldier Bug eats Monarch Caterpillar

Any idea the name of this specimen? Can you help identify this caterpillar recently found munching on goldenrod leaves. Thanks. You might also be interested in the attached shot of a Monarch caterpillar recently done in by the stink bug lurking in the shadows. Colin Freebury Ottawa, Ontario Canada Hi Colin, We are thrilled to … Read more