beetle that’s been seen eating roses
First I just want to say that I greatly enjoy your website, there are some fantastic pictures on there, and I could spend hours going through them all. Second, I’ve found a beetle that I don’t think I saw amongst the many pages of beetles you had represented. These were found on some rose plants on the campus of the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. They appear to have done quite a bit of damage to the roses, as you can see. Thanks in advance!

Hi Frank,
The Japanese Beetle was first discovered in this country in New Jersey in 1916 and has spread throughout most of the East where they have become a horrible pest. They are beautiful beetles that are hated by all rose gardeners. The grubs feed on the roots of grasses damaging lawns. You can purchase Japanese Beetle traps from a garden supply department.

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  1. PA Gardening says:

    More efficient still is squeezing them until the guts come out the rear when hand-picking them off — one at a time. It is also more humane (probably) and less wasteful of water, soap, and kerosene.

    I believe I have substantially reduced the population near my house by using this method over the years. I have seen 4 all year, whereas 10 years ago, I would see 5-6 decimating a single rose leaf at the same time.

    For the record, I don’t disturb any other beetles, unless I actively catch them eating leaves of my fruit tree. I have had rare occasions where a large number of June bugs seem to attack my cherry tree or peach tree. That, I could not abide.

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