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Thanks in advance for help identifying the moths. I saw several hummingbird moth photos on your site and like many of your website visitors I was fascinated, curious and awed by it. I also felt extremely lucky to both see this moth and photograph it. Is it unusual to see them in Southern Ontario? In “The Dictionary of Butterflies and Moths” I saw several moths similar to the photograph of the orange moth I included in this email. Could it be the Argynnis Paphia or Lycaena Phlaeas? I found nothing that even comes close to the little yellow moth with pink stripes. Any help in identifying these moths would be created appreciated.
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Hi Janet,
Certain species of Hummingbird Moths are common in Canada and we have even gotten reports from Alaska. Your other moth is a Geometric, the Chickweed Moth, Haematopsis grataria. It is often seen by roadsides where it has the habit of clinging to the stems of grasses and flying when someone approaches. It feeds on chickweed and ranges through most of the East from the Atlantic to the Mississippi and beyond.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Canada

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