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Hello – Just wanted to say Thank You for your great website! I’m not fond of "bugs" – especially spiders – but it’s getting easier, thanks to you. Also, I want to tell you that for two years now my mailbox has been the birthing room for hordes of earwigs – and this year I chased them all out with garlic! Just a sliced clove of garlic spread around in the mailbox and the lid left open – they skittered out of there in a hurry. Also have had good luck with chasing ants away with powdered cloves. I had ants coming up through my bathroom flooring (I assume through cracked concrete and then through small holes in the vinyl). I mixed a little vegetable oil (for staying power) with a lot of powdered cloves and filled the holes in the vinyl; when the level went down, I poured more in, etc. After several days, the ants left, never to return (and this had been a 6-month + battle). Thanks again for all you do – you are much appreciated.

Thanks for the helpful hints Mary.

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