Black Witch?
My name is Alfred and I’m in Miami, Florida. I saw this moth one night late at night. It was fluttering around the spot light near it and seemed attracted to the light. Because of its attraction to the light, I thought it was a moth but wasn’t sure because of its size. The wingspan is about 6 inches in length. Is it a Black Witch?

Hi Alfred,
This is indeed a Black Witch. Great photo as well.

Ed. Note: Caterpillars are often difficult to identify, and sadly, we weren’t much help to Enid, but as the following response shows, the caterpillars metamorphosed into a stunning little moth.

(07/19/2005) The psychedelic caterpillar becomes moth
Hello there. Remember the life jacket orange and metallic blue caterpillars? Well, this is what they become and it is called a faithful beauty and they are rare for West Palm Beach. Regards.

Hi Enid,
Your caterpillar photo was on our back burner, but we couldn’t really identify. Your Moth has a wonderful common name, Faithful Beauty, and the scientific name is Composia fidelissima. It is mostly tropical but does stray into South Florida. Perhaps last year’s hurricanes blew a few moths off course and they liked the climate. Thanks so much for the update.

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