Moth Query
Attached is a picture I took of a moth beside the ocean on mid Vancouver Island BC July 24th at 6:30 or so.. I have searched far and wide for a name. It is very hairy all over, and looks like it could be some kind of cousin to the Silkworm Moth, but appears quite a bit smaller. It is about 1 – 1.5 in long, and with a full wingspan, about 2 inches wide. It appears a bit more bronze than my picture in the full sun shows, but still orange enough to look tigerish. Can you identify it for me. Thanks, I love you website and refer to it often.
F. Hansen

Hi F.,
This isn’t a moth. It is a Skipper in the Family Hesperiidae. Skippers have some characteristics of both butterflies and moths. They get their common name from the rapid, direct, and bouncing flight. Positive identification of your specimen takes an expert in the family.

Location: Canada

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