Can you identify this….
I almost stepped on this (millipede?) this morning in West Virginia. I was visiting my brother-in-law and he said he had no clue what it was. It’s shell was pretty hard (I tapped it with a stick) and I think it looks poisonous- Can you identify it for me? Thanks!
Jennifer in Ohio

Hi Jennifer,
BugGuide lists this Millipede as being in the order Polydesmida. According to Eric Eaton they secrete a cyanide compound.

Update: (01/20/2008) Millipede IDs
7/24/05 . Oh Apheloria virginiensis corrugata (Koch) (Polydesmida: Xystodesmidae),
Rowland Shelley
North Carolina State Museum of Natural Science

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  1. Grace Messenger says:

    Your site has the murderous Terminex ads all over it!!!

  2. Ashely says:

    I was walking in the woods within my sisters and found the same thing, we didn’t know if it was poisonous either.

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