Oh my, what is it!?!?!
Hi Bugman!
I came home earlier this evening and found "this thing" hanging out on the sliding screen door to my balcony. It kind of looks like a butterfly but it doesn’t to have any antennas. I live in Germantown, MD which is approx. 40 miles north of Washington, DC. My balcony faces a small wooded area. Can you tell me what this is that was visiting? Thanks for your assistance!

Hi Julie
This is a male Imperial Moth. The female has more yellow and less reddish-purple on the forewings. He does have feathery antennae. They are hidden from view. The Imperial Moth, Eacles imperialis, is one of the Saturnid or Giant Silkworm Moths that do not feed as adults.

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  1. David says:

    I female let me pick her up in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia, PA
    August 10, 2017 First one I’ve ever seen!

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