Aphid Wolf?
I stumbled across your website while trying to identify a bug I’ve sporadically seen since I was a kid. I never knew what they were, and after finally getting a good photograph of one I thought I’d try to identify it. Judging by one of the blurry photos on your site, I’d guess this is an Aphid Wolf, or as you say the larva of a Brown Lacewing. If I’m right, feel free to add this photo to your website. If I’m wrong, please enlighten me.

Hi Walker,
I guess even a blurry photo is better than no photo, but thanks to you, we now have a good photo of a Brown Lacewing Larva, or Aphid Wolf. They belong to the Family Hemerobiidae and the larvae sometimes carry debris around on their backs.

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  1. Gary says:

    How can I send a photo to your website as I believe I have come in contact with a Brown Lacewing larva. Thought you could add it to your gallery.


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