Cicada Killers
I like your web sight. I thought these pictures would be of interest to you. Hope you can open them up. My gut feeling is that these insects have no compassion for anything. I find this disturbing. But they sure look cool. Talk about aliens (they certainly are among us!) These Cicada killers are real territorial. I’ve seen them chase away moths and Birds in a figure 8 pattern. Can’t seem to stop them. Can we expect more next Summer? Is the venom in these wasps strong enough to really send a person to the hospital? Kindest regards,

Thanks for sending in probably the best photo of the year. It looks like it was shot in a studio. However did you get them to pose? Regarding compassion, I’m not entirely sure any insects have it, but the Cicada Killer is showing maternal devotion. She is protecting her nest. That might be akin to compassion. I’m sure the sting is painful, and might send a sensitive person, or surely one with allergic reactions, to the hospital. Again, thanks for the great letter and awesome photo.

Thanks Daniel. The Cicada in that picture was actually still moving very slowly. The Wasp had long gone met it’s maker. I can’t say insects and me have been on good terms, though I respect their right to exist on this planet as much as the next creature.

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