Bug identity ????
Couple of summers ago this was found flying around us on the deck in Prospect , Ontario, Canada. Harmless , I think…It was on my hand without incident. Any Ideas ?

Hi Mike,
We knew it was a fly, and suspected it was a pollen feeding species, but we really had to go to Eric Eaton for something more concrete. He quickly got back with this reply: “Another fine image! This is a pristine specimen of a bee fly in the genus Lepidophora. We have images at BugGuide.net that I think are identified to species (there aren’t very many species in the genus). Very nice:-) Eric” We took Eric’s advice and checked out BugGuide where we found this beauty identified as Lepidophora lutea.

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  1. s hakala says:

    I write about bugs for master gardeners in Maricopa, AZ (Phoenix). I found this bug in my
    yard yesterday and would like to know it’s life cycle, etc., but can’t find anything anywhere.
    Can anyone help? Thanks

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