Big Icky Bug
Hey Bugman,
I am a student at Palm Beach Atlantic University here in West Palm Beach, Florida . One night not too long ago I was walking a young lady home and came across this monster looking beetle. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. After I convinced the young lady to stop screaming and even get a closer look, I snapped this picture with my phone. I’m sorry that the quality is not all that good. I tried to buff it up a little as far as the lighting goes but I didn’t want to alter the photo too much. Could you please tell me what in the world this beast is? I have asked several native Floridians and no one seems to know.
Yours truly,
Fred G. Krauer, Jr.

Hi Fred,
This is the infamous Toe-Biter, the Giant Water Bug, Lethocerus americanus, which is also known as the Electric Light Bug because it is attracted to lights. The common name Toe-Biter needs no explanation for anyone who has been bitten while swimming in a lake. The bite is very painful. These bugs are aquatic, but equally well adapted to flight. On land they are rather clumsy.

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