a mystery bug I found
I’ve attached a photo of several egg "casings" I found in my bedroom. I placed these casings (each between 1/4 – 1/2") in a plastic bag, and you can see some wormy-looking things popping out of some. They eventually turn into a thin brown bug with wings. What are these things ? (I live in South Florida).

Hi Margie,
That is quite a Cache of Case-Bearers you have there. These are moth larvae that build a protective case and usually feed on pet hair. They are an annoyance but basically benign.

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  1. kim says:

    My grandson has had what ever it is under his skin itching really bad for over a year I first thought scabies because more than one house hold member had them and they were between the fingers but his will not go away and it’s mainly on his head it’s so bad he itches mostly when he gets hot his head gets these dry crusted patches then he scratches it and it gets puss like stuff then raw sore his whole head is so sore and his body gets fever all over please help me with this I can not get rid of it and the hospital just writes a prescription for cream and antibiotic and it doesn’t go away but I have them for the summer I live in Florida him from Tennessee so all I can do is take him to emergency room his insurance will not work for pediatrician or dermatologist please help me

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