What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

good site
I have a website, and put a link to yours on mine so that others can see what the spiders actually look like. Most persons including myself dont know the differences between the species. I got an education looking at the pictures you have. I hope you dont mind. I am a paramedic and I get to see the bites, and the pictures I have on my webpage are bites from different kinds of spiders in Pennsylvania. The persons in the pictures saw the spiders as they smacked them, and got bit. I figured it would be better to refer people to your site, since I only use pictures that I took myself.
David Macher
www.cprpgh.fanspace.com (spider bite page)

Hi David,
We are flattered that you posted a link to our humble site. We have put your letter at the top of our Spider Bite page. The public needs to be educated not to swat at spiders and biting or stinging insects, but to blow them off to avoid injury.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. RichH says:

    I assume that two different spider bites I’ve had were Brown Recluse bites as they were horrific. Then too, the pain is unimaginable. The first bite, which was by far the worst, was on the outside of my right calf muscle, about midway on it. It turned black, the black spot about the size of a dime, and my whole calf turned bright red. When I stood on it the pain was indescribable, the only thing I can thik to say was it felt like the inside of my leg was ground meat, it was severe.

    I treated it with DMSO and Penicillin G (no longer available), Injectible, applying it topically, three times a day I did this, and almost overnight the pain subsided and it was back to normal in about a week, and there is no visable scar, just a very slight, not noticable, indentation.

    The second time was about 10 years later and it was on the same limb, but where one’s ankle attaches to the leg, on top, and it too turned black, but in a longer spot, about two and a half inches long and about an inch wide. I treated it again, using a different antibiotic which didn’t work as well sadly enough, but it did do the job, it just took longer, and there is much deeper indentation where the black mark was. No discoloration whatsoever. Don’t mess around if you get a red spot that begins to flare up. Get to a doctor before it turns black, if at all possible.

    I didn’t feel the spiders bite me, but they are here in droves, and we were told that is what it was. A “Brown Recluse bite”.

    You can easily spot their webs, as they build one with a deep funnel like tunnel and it is a more solid looking web, not lacey and pretty like other webs that other spiders spin. They are nothing to mess with. Don’t wait to seek treatment as their bite is treacherous, so very dangerous.

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