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I saw these things all over at my work. People say that they are hummingbirds but they look like a moth. We only see them during the day and seem to go away at night. I thought moths like the night more than the day. I live and work in Douglas County, Nevada and no one has ever seen these before. What are they and how come there are so many this year? I think they are the most interesting creature or bug or whatever they are.
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Hi Sandy,
Because of the record breaking desert rains, the plant growth was lush. There was a population explosion of White Lined Sphinx or Striped Morning Sphinx, Hyles lineata, caterpillars and now we are seeing the day flying moths. They are sometimes called Hawkmoths or Hummingbird Moths.

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  1. Shallah_7 says:

    I remember those moths back when I was visiting my grandmother in Wilson, NC. They look & fly like hummingbirds but I could tell they were moths. They looked scary to my young mind but very interesting.

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