Boring Wasp?
Hello, I live in south west ohio and about the begining of spring noticed a couple holes bored uundeneth the railing on my deck. I just finally seen this wasp going in and out today. It is black with white markings, and I did’nt know wasp would bore into wood to make nest. I would apreciate it if you could identify it for me, I’ve looked all over the internet, but can’t find it any where. Thanks.
Brian and Kim

Hi Brian and Kim,
We wrote to Eric Eaton for advice on your wasp. Here is his answer: “The wasp is a mason wasp, Monobia quadridens, probably the largest species of Vespidae: Eumeninae in North America. Females paralyze caterpillars as food for their offspring. They nest in the abandoned tunnels bored by carpenter bees, or in similar cavities, partitioning the space into several cells, stacked one in front of the other. These are peaceful, solitary insects that need not be eradicated.” So the wasps didn’t make the holes, they just moved into a vacant unit.

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