Turkey Spider
I got carried away & sifted through all my bug pictures since I got my digital camera & tidied up the best ones for you. I’ll send them in bunches, trying not to make any one email huge. Use whatever ones you like, however you like on your site.
Love, Marian

Hi Marian,
This is a wonderful photograph of a Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver, Gasteracampa elipsoides, formerly Gasteracampa cancriformis. Though a small spider, this gal always attracts attention. Her mate is much tinier and rarely noticed. These spiders are found in the Southern U.S. and are quite common in the Florida Keys.

Ed. Note: Marian has just become our new favorite contributor. Though everyone who writes in is a contributor, Marian originally wrote in regarding a caterpillar she photographed in her garden that turned out to be a Ficus Sphinx. Seems since she got a digital camera, she has spent hours documenting the Arthropods that visit her yard. We are beginning to wonder how much acerage Marian has in Florida since she just sent us over a dozen awesome images and we are slowly but surely posting them on their appropriate pages. What’s That Bug? looks forward to years of collaboration with our new Florida freelance photographer. Whenever we have a budget and can afford a staff, Marian along with the awesome entomologist Eric Eaton will be tops on our list.

Location: Florida

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