Tyler’s bug
Dear what’s that bug (Bugman),
My 5 year old son, Tyler, is a bug nut and catches everything he sees( catch and release of course) and knows more about bugs than most kids his age. But this one stumped him and me. If you know what it is I would appreciate it . He would think it’s cool. Thanks a bunch
Javier & Tyler

Hi Javier and Tyler,
We don’t want you to think we are uncool. Your bug looks like an Immature Assassin Bug. Watch out for that mouth as it is designed for piercing and sucking. Assassins prey on harmful insects, but will give an unwary gardener or a careless bug collector a painful bite.

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  1. drswanny says:

    I don’t see locality data with this image and there’s not quite enough detail to say whether it’s a nymph or brachypterous adult, but I can tell you this assassin is in the subfamily Stenopodainae.

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