house centipede shots
Hi folks! Well your site allowed to immediately identify my bug. I am an amateur macro-nature photographer, and I cleaned out an unfinished musty basement after 30 years of unuse. I thought I had gotten rid of most of the bugs, and then as I tried to open a stuck window, and had my face really close to the pane…BLAMMO, there was this 2-inch monster, unlike any of the zillions of bugs I have seen. This is a really large pic — but I thought I’d give you the full resolution, and you can do what you want with it. I took like 20 pics and could not get my camera to focus until I switched to "spot-focus" and pointed at the center of the stripey fella. He stayed completely motionless until I really jolted the window — his motion was fast and fluid and scared the crap out of me. I think I may win the best house centipede pic trophy! well enjoy!
Bryan Jaicks, Jersey City, NJ

Hi Brian,
I don’t know which is better, your superbe image or your colorful written account. At any rate, we are declaring you the winner in the House Centipede photo contest, though it really didn’t exist until your photo arrived. We are going to give it a permanent place at the top of our Centipede page.

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