What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Frightening larva thing…
First, wonderful site. Keep up the good work, and all that. OK, so, the bug: My nephew found it under some rotten wood near Grantsburg, Wisconsin, the other day. My sister saved the little guy from becoming fishing bait, and brought it to me ("Happy Birthday!"). My nephew said that there was what appeared a shed "skin" next to it when he found it, and it was a pale off-white when caught (it’s since turned brownish, as you can see.) It looks dead in the photos, but it is alive, and will squirm around if bothered. It’s legs don’t seem to be usable, however, and remain tucked under it’s body, as do it’s wings. So, do you know what it is? And do you have any ideas of how I can help it survive? Would it be best just to put it under a rotting log, or…? Anyways, thanks a lot.
Will Anderson, MN, USA

Hi Will,
You have a Dobsonfly Pupa. If you think it is scary looking now, just check out the adult males with pincer mandibles by using our brand new site search engine.

Hi… Hah! Oh, no. Thanks. When I showed some friends your site, they pointed out the dobsonflies and said “Jesus, I hope it’s not one of those!” Muahahaha. You wouldn’t happen to have any tips on care, would you? I’ve got it in a little cage now, with moist dirt and some of the wood it was found in. Should I bury it, or do you think out in the open is ok? I had it under a bit of wood, but it was across the cage in the morning. Oh, and it doesn’t need to eat, does it? Thanks again,

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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