hummingbird moth…
but i cant seem to find an exact match for it, can you help? this was taken outside of houston, texas on june 25, 2005….. thanks!
david gibson

Hi David,
Your Hummingbird Moth is most definitely a Nessus Sphinx, Amphion nessus. It is readily distinguised because of the two white horizontal bands on the abdomen as well as the tuft at the abdominal tip. It flies during the day on cloudy days and in the late afternoon. The caterpillar feeds on wild grape. We thought the other Hummingbird Moth image that arrived today was a Nessus Sphinx as well, but the markings were not as obvious as in your photo.

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  1. Starcher says:

    Saw a Nessus Sphinx moth drinking from my petunias outside Cumberland Gap NH Park. No noise at all. Glad to know what it was, suspected a bee or hummingbird.

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