What is this beetle?
This beetle was flying noisily around our kitchen last night in Ventura, CA. We caught it and put it in a jar. It fell asleep around 11:00PM. It was still quiet this morning when I took the pictures. I left it outside on the jar lid, and after a while it climbed out and hid under the lid.
Dennis Strauss

Ed. Note: Shortly after writing to us, Dennis wrote back that he located his beetle in Hogue’s Insects of the Los Angeles Basin. He identified it as Stout’s Hardwood Borer, Polycaon stouti. The larvae are wood borers found in oak, maple and eucalyptus among other trees. Adults often emerge from wood used in construction.Here is part of Dennis’ second letter:

I’m guessing it came from one of the eucalyptus trees behind our backyard wall. We don’t have any wood furniture less than 10 years old, and our house was built in 1991, so I don’t think it hitched a ride into the house inside anything manufactured.
Dennis Strauss

Location: California

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