Really hoping you can help me figure out what this bothersome little fella is
I first noticed this little fella in my garage about four days ago. At first it was only one. Thinking it was a hornet of some type I squished it and went on my merry way. Next day there were three when i went in. By today, my entire garage is infested with them. I tried looking him up on wasp and hornet sites because he looks to have a stinger as you can hopefully see in one of the pictures I sent you. The closest I could see him resembling was the European hornet, but he’s not fuzzy and doesn’t seem as big as the ones in the pictures I’ve seen. I’m not sure if i should be looking for a nest or if i should just bomb the garage as suggested by my father. The sites that I looked at said bombing would do no good if it is a hornet….that I had to find the nest. Any help you could offer me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Laurie Doyle
Racine, WI

Hi Laurie,
You don’t have a hornet, but a beetle that mimics a hornet. More specifically, it is the Red Headed Ash Borer, Neoclytus acuminatus, one of the Cerambycidae Family of Long Horned Borer Beetles. This is one of the most common of the wood-borers. The larvae live in unseasoned material with the bark left on. Nearly all the hardwoods are attacked, but chiefly ash, oak, and hickory. You shouldn’t be looking for a nest, but perhaps a firewood pile.

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  1. carol hyde says:

    hi , i have a camel like cricket but it has extra limbs and is blind. the extra legs go over the front like feelers and climbs walls. it is fuzzy and pink. no i havent been drinking…. i wish i have a piture but it has gone back into the wall. freaked out cause never seen it before. from the head back it look normal four legs on each side, with the black strips on thorax . the head was pink as well and antenni . 2-4 inches long . just wondering if you would have a clue what it is???
    i live in colorado.

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