Whats My Bug?
I hope these photos will suffice – afraid I cant seem to get a closer one. These little guys show up every time we put the sprinkler on or when it rains.They are in our house – as well as being all over outside. These little guys look grey, but have a very pretty gold to them in the sunlight. They are about 1/2 inch long. They are soft bodied and don’t seem to have a “shell”. They like to jump – about 2-3 inches – when you disturb them. They seem to like darkness and move a lot during the night. The top right photo is a scan of the underside of the bug. The rest are digital pictures taken with a webcam. I live in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada, and I appreciate any insight you might have as to identifying and controlling (read: keeping out of basement!) these little guys. Thanks alot!

Hi Christina,
You have Jumping Bristletails, Family Machilidae, relatives of Silverfish. They usually live under stones and leaf rubble.

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  1. sarah owens says:

    EEEEEEHHHHHHH! I have like five of them in my shower!!!!! NOOOO! Do they bite? what is it? I NEED THEM TO GET OUT !

  2. Diane Wheeler says:

    Ok so I find these all over our apartment and I can’t stand them. I found one in my shower last night. How do you get rid of them? Do they bite? Can they make you sick. Please Help I will take any advise you can give me.

    • Aubrey says:

      They cannot bite, and though they can cause damage to paper and fabrics, they are not dangerous or disease carrying. Unfortunately they are resiliant to most poisons, so the best you can do is squash ones you see and secure books and clothing in airtight containers.

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