new centipede picture
Hey there,
I’m sure you have enough, but this is a pretty good picture of what I believe is a multi-colored centipede. Identification based on other pictures on your website. Found originally in a door frame, but later in the garbage disposal. Hope you can use the picture.

Hi Zac,
Please, please tell me the poor centipede crawled out of the garbage disposal and went its merry way.

He is being temporarily held for observation, but should be released later today. Those guys are quick. He came flying out well before any damage occurred.

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  1. Rusty R. says:

    I saw a few similar back in the 60’s around La Sierra, CA but they were all more than 6″ long. One I found was out by Wood Crest near March AFB. I have seen at least one out near Giant rock that was well over 6″. All these were seen when I was a young guy.
    Since then while serving in the jungles of SE Asia I saw some REALLY BIG ones that were mostly black. Having a camera back then was not the most important piece of gear I was toting.

    I hope more of you will have the chance to see some of these amazing and scary critters!

    Rusty Rossey

  2. joanie says:

    Just found one of these multicolored centipedes in my kitchen on the counter !!!
    I’m in Gardnerville, NV… never seen one before!

  3. Ryan says:

    I live in southern Arizona and have found dozens of these Blue and multicolored centipedes. Beautiful color & very eye pleasing. They’re probably my favorite next to the Banded Heros!
    I’m also curious to know their identity. Been calling them Aquapedes for now.

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