what is it …
and why did it fly into my kitchen window at dusk? It looks like some cockroaches I saw in Baja many years ago, but I’ve never seen anything this big here just south of San Francisco.
Thank you.

Hi Lynn,
You have been visited by a Pine Sawyer, Ergates spiculatus, also known as the Spineed-Neck Longhorn. Larvae eat the sapwood and heartwood of pines and Douglas firs and adults emerge July – August. I guess the rains brought them out a little early this year. Females are often attracted to lights. Their habitat is usually forests near and above 4000 feet. According to Hogue: “campers in pine flats in neighboring mountains are frequently startled when these beetles loudly buzz into their lanterns on warm summer evenings.”

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  1. Joshua Lemmens says:

    I live in Las Vegas and we’ve been besieged by Pine Sawyer beetles after a heavy rain last week. They are huge! There are pine trees in the neighborhood, so I guess they came from them. Creepy but fascinating!

  2. Joshua Lemmens says:

    I saw one of the beetles emerging from the ground, so I believe we indeed have palo verde root borers. Thank you!

  3. John Ethridge says:

    We found this one on our patio at Lake Whitney West @500′ elevation

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