Thanks for a great site!
Hey Bugdude!
After unsuccessfully searching Google images and several websites to identify this beefy dude (painful over a modem…), you came to my rescue. I believe this may be either a Unicorn or a Hercules beetle? Found him legs up on my roof in rural northwest SC. Love your website, and since I’m from CA and am not familiar with the local fauna, will now refer back to it frequently to find out whether the buggies get to listen to me jabber at them or feel the wrath of my vengeful heel (The latter may be preferred over the former, since most seem to flee after the first "Hello, Mr. Insert-generic-bug-name-here." Word gets around these rural small towns rather quickly…). Your tips on what these insects eat and their preferred habitats make it easier for me to relocate them to the proper environs if necessary.
Thanks mucho,

Hi Mike,
We have heard this guy called both the Hercules Beetle and the Unicorn Beetle, but to be safe, we could go scientific and call it Dynastes tityus. We sympathize with your modem searching, but imagine trying to upload What’s That Bug? on dial-up. That is our excuse for answering so slowly when we have 100’s of letters.

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