what type of earwig is this?
Not knowing the first things about insects other than I see them everyday, this one caught my attention for some reason. After reading little about insects and more specifically earwigs within the past hour I was even more intrigued by this little guy. I read that they are nocturnal and look for dark moist areas to rest in during the day. When in fact this guy was actively pursuing another (live) bug in the hot south texas sun. The temperature is about 95 degrees and the sun is bearing down making the walkways a hundred plus. What was he doing “hunting” in the middle of the morning? Even more, what was he doing up in the hot sun? I also couldn’t help but notice that in comparison to all the artistic renderings as well as photos of earwigs, this guy is a little different. his circi (word I just learned by the way) is exceptionally longer and larger than any photo I have found. The tip is also different in that he has “hooks” at the end. This said, I was hoping you could help me identify this particular earwig. He is every bit 2″ in total length. Maybe he is a Texas Earwig. Little humor there. Thanks in advance for your response. If the pic does not open just throw a .jpg at the end. Sometimes my mac is contrary sending files to others. Thanks,
Andrew Harris

Hi Andrew,
When we need a real expert, we just write to Eric Eaton. He was very excited about your image and would like to see it posted on BugGuide, if you don’t mind. Here is his reply: ” Wow! Stupendous image of a linear earwig, Doru lineare. We could use this image on bugguide if the contributor wants to share. Very cool. “

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