Stag Beetle
After searching the internet for hours trying to identify my beetle, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a Stag Beetle, but now I’m wondering if it’s a placidus or a capreolus. I know the capreolus has honey colored femurs, which I thought was the case in my first photo, but when I turned one of the bugs over, it clearly has dark legs from top to bottom. Could you let me know exactly which type of Stag I have here? Also, they live in my rock garden, will they damage my plants?
Rae Ann

Hi Rae Ann
The two species you mentioned are difficult to tell apart, but we thought Eric Eaton might be of assistance. Here is his response: I don’t know the species well enough to say, but I do know that Pseudolucanus has now been lumped into the genus Lucanus. Genus should be plenty. I’d refer the person somewhere else if they just "have to" know the species:-) Larvae live in decaying wood.” So they will not damage your plants.

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