What’s this bug!
Hi I live in New Mexico, and while remodeling an old building my grandfather found two weird big bugs. He decided to hand them over to me, I’ve had them for over a year and I am still curious in finding out what they are. Here are some pictures, I hope you can help me out. To describe them more, they are about the size of standard size tweezers and are dark brown in color, they have claws much like a scorpion but a tail like a cocroach, long and slender. Please help me out.

Hi Nat,
Your critters are Giant Vinegarones, also known as Grampus, Mastigoproctus giganteus. They are Whip Scorpions in the Family Thelyphonidae. They are found in the South and Southwest and are rarely seen since they hide during the day. Despite their fearsome appearance, they are harmless.

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  1. Annie Miller says:

    I live in Artesia, New Mexico, southern part of NM, I found this bug in my house by the bathroom door, hallway. Do I need to be concerned that there will be more or this was just a fluke and it just happen to come in. I did have my sliding doors open that day.


  2. Rita Erickson says:

    I am so grateful to know more about this insect. My husband and I first came across a 9″ long one while on a late night walk on Indian School Rd. around 11PM about 400 yards from the open space in the Sandia Mts. About a year ago my daughter and I found a smaller one, about two inches long. We took pictures. Than we scooped it up into a jar and released where the other was sited.

    This week while tile installers were moving my washer and dryer, they found another one about 6″ long. They thought it was a scorpion. Thanks so much for the real scoop on this Giant Bug. We now understand why our chihuahua no longer seeks refuge in the laundry room. She’d rather sit in the rain outside than share a room with a bug six inches long with large pinchers.

  3. No Vinga
    rette, Cant seem to spell it right

  4. Odin says:

    Just swept one of my porch -in Silver City, NM.
    To hell with this – the snow and cold of Yooperland is better than this !!! 🙂

  5. Freeway Flower Flyer says; says:

    Change your exterminator. This bug eats other bugs and spiders. He should have known what it was.
    It just looks offensive and ugly.

  6. Jeff says:

    We’re in Port orange and I’m 9 years old. me and my grandma were looking
    for one in the yard. we didn’t find one. How do you?

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