A HUGE bug I found!
Hi my name is Tyler Berliner and I live in Richmond, Vermont. I was outside playing in my backyard and my dad looked on the ground and saw this huge bug. I brought it to school to see what it was. In the library, I found out it might be an Eastern Toe Biter. Can you tell me if I’m right and can you tell me more about this bug and why it might be near my house. Are they dangerous? Do they really bites your toe?
Thank you,
Tyler Berliner

Hi Tyler,
You are absolutely correct. The Giant Water Bug also goes by the name Electric Light Bug, which could explain why it was in your yard. It may have been attracted to the lights at night. These bugs are great fliers as well as swimmers. They get the name Toe-Biter because they have bitten so many people while swimming. The bite is painful, but they are not dangerous.

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