found a bug in my garage
I found this bug in my garage that caught me by surprise. When I moved it with my broom, it started to attack the broom with it’s stinger. Creeped me out!!

Hi Tony,
We wrote to Eric Eaton to see if he could give us a species name for your Walkingstick. He wrote: “This is indeed a walkingstick, specifically Anisomorpha buprestoides, and a female. The species goes by regional names like "devil-rider" and "musk-mare," in reference to the fact that mating pairs can remain coupled for days at a time; also, they can squirt a potent, foul, milky substance from glands in their neck. If they hit you in the eye it is truly painful, aparently not damaging otherwise.” The Walkingstick doesn’t have a stinger, but you want to steer clear of that noxious secretion.

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