what are these buggers?
Dear Dr Bugman,
We have suddenly and violently been infested by these tiny mites. My boyfriend is bitten (and itchy) all over but I have not been touched. We think they have come in through the window and are speculating that they could be from the nest of pigeons below our window. I have included a few photos. You can see them against the frame of my powerbook…that frame is about 1/3" wide. The smallest ones are white, the slightly larger ones are a dark brown. They appear to have 2 antennae. We just fumigated with a product from the store. What are they? Will this work?
thank you so much,
Laila Ames

Hi Laila,
The symptoms you describe are consistant with Bird Mites, but we can’t give you anything more conclusive based on your photo. From what we hear, biting mites can be very difficult to erradicate and may take professional help. Good luck.

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  1. LKStimeling says:

    One of my favorite sf novels is “Dust” by Charles R. Pelligrino. It’s an itchy story revolving around insects, particularly mites!

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