Tiny Black Bug pics on a dime…
Great website, wonderfull resource! We just moved into a house this week I have no idea what these are, but I found about 10 of them around my window this morning lying around barely moving.
Hope you can help,

Hi Jesse,
This appears to be some species of Grain Weevil, a type of Pantry Beetle. They infest stored grain products. It is possible they were somehow left behind when the previous tenant vacated. Without a food source, they are trying to get outside and are dying.

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  1. Kyle says:

    I have a corn burning stove to heat my house for the winter. I keep the corn in my basement in bags with a dehumidifier on them. I just noticed all the bags are filled with the grain weevil that I found on your web site. I Don’t want to lose all the money I put into the ton of corn I have stored. Do you know of any kind of spray I can use to kill them. Thank you,

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