Dogbane Leaf Beetle

bug??? Hi My daughter is thrilled to find these "shiny beetles" every summer on some plants we have in our field. They seem to prefer the milky plants and flock there for the summer months. If you could identify it for us it would be great. We live in central Maine. Thanks for your help. … Read more

Coreid Bug

Tiger beetle?? Seen on my office window in Austin, Texas. About three inches long, total length. I am guessing some sort of Tiger Beetle. Hard to tell from photo, but a wild guess from you would be ok. Thanks, Ron Hi Ron, Tiger Beetles are usually less than 3/4 inch long. This is a Coreid … Read more

Inchworm, possibly Oak Besma

Big Ugly Worm Hi. We have been enjoying your site very much since we discovered it a few days ago. Now we have found a weird ugly bug we would like to have identified. We live in northeastern PA. Our area is heavily woodedbut we are not near water. This THING was seen “inching” along … Read more

Fly Puparia

pantry beetle? In my bedroom along the floorboard, underneath a window, about 20 of these, ranging in color from light white/yellow to dark brown red. At first I thought it was rice, till i picked one up with tweezers and squeezed it. Big mistake. I live in an apartment that recently had big time exterminators … Read more