Wool Sower Gall

Hello, There is a baseball size cocoon hanging from a maple tree in my yard. It’s white with prickly looking brown things sticking out from it. I really did think it was a baseball for the longest time as I looked at it from my kitchen window. But upon further inspection it’s a cocoon. I’ll … Read more

Luna Moth

not sure what kind of bug this is(pic enclosed) I Live in Charlotte, NC and last night (5/09/05) my wife heard a thump outside our bedroom window, I looked and saw what appeared to be a bat, this was about 10"ish. This morning we noticed it was still out on the wall so I took … Read more

Mole Cricket

Strange Beetle(?) I found this beetle? on my driveway this afternoon. He’s about 2 inches long, pretty thick fast and strong(for a bug). He’s got paw like diggers in the front, two long feeler like appendages coming off the rear end and a very interesting cape on the back with patterned stripes in tan which … Read more

House Centipede

Mr. Bugman, What a great site! I’ve had this bug in my house that I’ve never figured out. I finally ran into your site and found it! From your reply to another person, it is a house centipede. Sadly to say, the bug did not live over a day in an open container. It seemed … Read more