Luna Moth

not sure what kind of bug this is(pic enclosed) I Live in Charlotte, NC and last night (5/09/05) my wife heard a thump outside our bedroom window, I looked and saw what appeared to be a bat, this was about 10"ish. This morning we noticed it was still out on the wall so I took … Read more

Mole Cricket

Strange Beetle(?) I found this beetle? on my driveway this afternoon. He’s about 2 inches long, pretty thick fast and strong(for a bug). He’s got paw like diggers in the front, two long feeler like appendages coming off the rear end and a very interesting cape on the back with patterned stripes in tan which … Read more

House Centipede

Mr. Bugman, What a great site! I’ve had this bug in my house that I’ve never figured out. I finally ran into your site and found it! From your reply to another person, it is a house centipede. Sadly to say, the bug did not live over a day in an open container. It seemed … Read more

Warf Borer

Can you help identify? Hi there, I have recently moved from the UK to central Boston and have found several of these flying insects in my city center apartment. Their bodies are generally 0.5 to 0.75 inches long. I am unsure if they are attracted by light or not. Thanks in advance Mike Hume Hi … Read more

Leaf Beetle

tomato leaf eating bug I hate this thing! Tons of them are eating my tomato plants! robert Hi Robert, The closest I can get for you is it is one of the Chrysomelidae, or Leaf Beetles. It looks to be a close relative of the Cucumber Beetles.

Columbia Silk moth

Moths I took some digital photos of a moth in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. I haven’t been able to find a picture on the internet that can tell me which moth it is. The blue beam in the picture is 4″ high by 1-5/8″ wide. That makes the moth about 2-1/4″ tall as it … Read more