can you name this beetle?
… and do i need to eradicate from my garden? or is it a good bug?
thanks……….. bob
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Hi Bob,
You have a Harlequin Cabbage Bug, Murgantia histrionica, which is a True Bug, one of the Shield or Stink Bugs from the Family Pentatomidae, not a Beetle. They range across the U.S. They feed on the juices of cruciform plants including cabbage, kale, and broccoli as well as turnip, horseradish, potato, beet, bean, grape, squash, sunflower, ragweed and citrus foliage. I find them on wild mustard. The female lays double rows of barrel shaped eggs and wingless nymphs are active all summer. They are injurious to plants, causing blotching on the foilage and ruining the commercial value.

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