Crab/flower spider
I was so excited today, when I went out to admire my roses, and found a cool white spider with pink lightning bolts down it’s side! I’d seen spiders of a similar shape, but not with this neat-o, new-wave color palate, and never in the middle of their lunch. I grabbed my camera snapped a couple pics, and immediately came back inside to google white and pink spider. Your site came up, and I started looking through it. That was 3 hours ago. What a great site you have!! Well – now I know what my spider is, as well as so many other critters I’ve seen about my house, here in Seattle, WA. I noticed you don’t have too many entries from this part of the country, though, and I’ve seen some interesting creatures that I couldn’t find on your site. Now that I know you’re here, I’ll keep my camera handier, so that when I do see new fascinating friends, I can get your help in naming them for me. Thanks for your wonderful site!!

Hi Michelle,
I’m so happy our site was both helpful and entertaining.

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  1. angela says:

    I just came here from a link on NW Rockhounds page with a spider on it and i think your spider might be what i have been seeing at our seattle house (crawling with roses!). I was jokingly calling it a “rose spider” so as to not be so creeped out! However, i dont believe mine have the pink…

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